sheathing pictureSince 1970 Croydon Industries have been at the forefront of the insulation contracting industry. Using state of the art CNC machinery and having a dedicated team of experts in the field we are able to offer our clients unparalleled quality and service. We furthermore provide full product support and a comprehensive estimating service for your convenience.

Below are some of the applications
we specialise in:

  • External and internal insulation of air conditioning ductwork
  • Heated and chilled water pipe insulation
  • Metal sheathing for insulated pipework and various types of vessels
  • Acoustic insulation of air conditioning units, plenums, walls, fans etc.
  • Construction of air conditioning units, using polystyrene cool room panelling
  • Custom applications of insulation work
  • Specialists in underground pipe insulation
  • Process pipework insulation
Acoustic Insulation
RA Plenum
A/C Unit
Panel Construction
Insulated Pipe and Cladding
External Duct Insulation Insulated Pipe and Cladding

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