The excellent mechanical strength of extruded polystyrene foam combined with a dust-free surface allows for perfect bonding to a variety of sheet materials and coverings resulting in high quality products for use in pipe insulation, cold storage and refrigerated transport.

Important Properties Include:

  • High compressive strength High resistance to long term compressive stress
  • StyreneHigh tensile strength
  • Homogeneous density
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Excellent shear strength
  • High resistance to water absorption and water vapour permeability
  • High resistance to mould and fungal growth
  • High resistance to long term compressive stress guarantees minimal deflection.

The combination of excellent mechanical strength, high insulation value and above all extremely low water absorption properties has led to extruded polystyrene being considered as the premium low temperature insulation for chilled water lines and refrigeration lines for over 30 years.The negligible water pick-up ensures that the material does not rot and that it maintains its thermal properties for the life of the building

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