We have a variety of products on offer from pre-made to custom made designs.

2000 Series Fume Cupboard

Clear PVC Fume Cupboard

1000 Series Fume Cupboard

Stainless Steel Fume Cupboard

PVC Exhaust Fan and Duct

PVC Bench Exhaust Hood

1000 Series Double Sided Fume Cupboard

PVC Bench Exhaust Box

Walk-In Fume Cupboard

2000 Series Fume Cupboard

PVC Duct and Fans with Stainless Steel Stacks

Decanting Station

Stainless Steel Bends

Stainless Steel Duct Made To Measure

Square to Rounds

Made To Measure CNC Profiled Duct

Made To Measure Custom Duct

Stainless Steel Kitchen Exhaust Hood

Rollformed Products

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